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One additional player on the field…

In a recent post when I talked about the passing of my grandfather, I described the unexpected visit we had together just a short time before he passed. Before that day I had never experienced anything like that at all. However, since that day, there was one other time I felt like something or someone was intervening like the day when we sat together watching the game at his home.

A few years ago I was sitting at the kitchen table one evening, waiting to meet my daughter who was walking home from her soccer practice. I sat for just a few minutes and then peeked out the window and thought maybe I should meet her half way since it was beginning to get dark. The field where she practiced was not far from the house so I went out the front door and as I approached the road I noticed her coming up to the house. As I put my hand on her shoulder, it occurred to me that that was exactly what my dad did to me when I was very young and I always remembered that feeling. With that I asked, how was practice Honey, before she could answer she began to cry. I immediately thought she got hurt at practice, we stopped and I asked, are you ok, did you get hurt? She looked at me and said, I miss grandpa, she was referring to my dad. For a second or two I literally couldn’t speak. I finally said, what, what did you say? Again she said, I miss grandpa. As we looked directly at each other I tried to erase the stunned look on my face as I calmly said, I know Honey, I miss him too. Then I simply put my arm around her and we continued our walk to the house as I thought to myself, what the heck just happened here? A few minutes later I approached her again and asked if anyone had said anything to her or if something had happened earlier in the day to remind her of him and she said no. She said, no nothing like that, I just thought of him when we were walking and it made me cry. My dad had been gone for about 3 years.

Soccer days

Although we never again discussed that conversation, I often wonder what happened on the field that night. Not just how, but why did it happen? This isn’t the kind of stuff I typically believe in but when you experience it first hand like that you do begin to question what’s possible and what isn’t.


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